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Mission Statement

Merit was created to provide exceptional solutions that enable companies to build, update, and grow their facilities infrastructure seamlessly and efficiently. Through our high-quality teams and services, we strive to create a positive experience for our clients, whether they are at work, at play, or learning.

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Diversity, Equability, Inclusion

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) are critical for an engineering and construction company in order to foster innovation and creativity. By bringing together individuals from different backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives, Merit Project Solutions can approach problem-solving in new and unique ways, leading to more innovative solutions and designs.

DEI is essential in promoting social responsibility and ethical business practices. Merit Project Solutions prioritizes DEI in order to recognize and address systemic inequalities, promote fair labor practices, and engage in sustainable and environmentally responsible practices.

DEI is vital to Merit Project Solution’s and our client’s success by promoting innovation, employee satisfaction & retention, social responsibility, as well as fostering strong relationships with clients and stakeholders.


Merit Project Solutions has been honored with Highwire’s prestigious Platinum Safety Award. This recognition celebrates our steadfast dedication tosafety excellence. The Platinum Safety Award is a rare honor, bestowed upon the top 5% of Highwire contractors who score between 95 and 100 on their safety assessment. At Merit Project Solutions, safety is not just a priority; it’s fundamental to our approach.


Procore construction management software improves customer experience by enhancing communication and collaboration among all stakeholders. With real-time access to project updates and information via the mobile app, customers have greater transparency and convenience. This builds trust, meets customer needs, and creates a more positive experience over all.


Our company offers a range of construction services to help clients achieve their construction goals. Whether it’s the initial planning and estimating stage of a project, the combined design and construction phase, the management of the construction process, or the management of multiple projects, we provide customized solutions to meet our clients’ specific needs.


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